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Participatory Agricultural Research: Approaches, Design and Evaluation

Expert Meeting

Oxford, 9-13 December 2013


Name Affiliation email Attending? Days
Adrian Ely STEPS Centre Yes mon-wed
Alan Duncan ILRI yes mon-wed
Annet Mulema ILRI Yes mon-wed
Beth Cullen ILRI yes mon-fri
Birgit Boogaard Wageningen UR yes mon-wed
Fergus Sinclair ICRAF yes
Floriane Clement IWMI yes mon-fri
Gareth Benest InsightShare yes mon-wed
Geraldine Abrami IRSTEA yes
Jim Ellis-Jones independent yes mon-wed
Jo Cadilhon ILRI yes mon-fri
Katherine Snyder CIAT yes mon-fri
Kindu Mekonnen ILRI yes mon-wed
Liz Carlile IIED yes
Marc Schut Wageningen WUR yes mon-fri
Marina Apgar AAS CRP [] yes
Martha Cronin ICRAF yes
Nadia Bergamini Bioversity yes
Nicole Lefore IWMI [] yes mon-fri
Nils Ferrand IRSTEA yes mon-fri
Panomsak Promburom yes mon-wed
Paola de Santis Bioversity yes
Paul Sillitoe University of Durham yes
Pepijn Schreinemachers AVDRC yes mon-wed
Pete Cranston euforic yes mon-wed
Peter Ballantyne ILRI yes mon-wed
Peter Thorne ILRI yes
Polly Ericksen ILRI yes
Regis Chikowo MSU yes
Rein van der Hoek CIAT yes
Steffen Schulz CIP yes mon-wed
Tom Vanmourik ICRISAT yes mon-wed
Tracy Baker IWMI yes mon-wed
Valentine Gandhi IWMI yes mon-wed
Britta Kowalski CIP [] yes mon-wed
Amanda Harding CPWF yes mon-wed
Eva Ludi ODI [] yes
Terry Clayton Independent consultant yes
Clovis Kabaseke Mountains of the Moon Univ Uganda [] yes
Adrian Bolliger CIAT yes
Tim Pagella Bangor [] yes
Maria del Mar Delgado Cordoba yes
Murat Saras SLU yes
Bruce Lankford UEA [] yes
Andrew Clayton DFID [] yes - tuesday
Saa Dittoh UDS Tamale [] yes
Louise Willemen Ecoagriculture [] yes
Lotte Klapwijk Wageningen UR [] yes
Jean-Emmanuel Rougier [] yes Mon-Wed